Digital (n)etiquette

Before presentations

  • The avoid-construction-works-principle: in case of holding a presentation, please make sure your internet connection is stable and your surroundings are quite.
  • The dress-for-success principle: we aim at having smooths presentations & discussions. Background filters are welcomed, face filters discouraged.
  • Be a few minutes earlier to each session and check your technology. Even in a technologically advanced world, tech issues are all too common.

During presentations

  • We recommend the use of a headset with microphone to ensure the best communication experience and avoid unwanted noises during exchanges.
  • We have to keep spatial distance, but we would like to create virtual nearness. Therefore, keep your camera on if possible.
  • We suggest the use of zoom emojis 👍 to show support to speakers.
  • You are very much invited to contribute to the discussion. Please send a signal by using the hand raise 👏. It is also possible to write the question in the chat. 
  • When discussion time is over, speakers are encouraged to answer remaining questions using the coffee break and going to the mingling tool
  • Session jumping is possible, but not encouraged.

While mingling

  • Please, be always respectful to the people you go for a (virtual) coffee with. The IPFM has been and will continue to be a welcoming and warm community for all,
  • Say ‘ciao’ or ‘hallo’ when you enter and you leave conversations, rule of thumb is, act as you would in non-virtual settings.