We are organizing sessions and plenaries over Zoom, a platform for video conferences. If you have not used Zoom until now, Zoom will download and install itself by clicking on the link of a Zoom invitation. If not, you can click  here:

After the download, you can enter sessions via different links. The links are all listed under Schedule.

Every session requires a password, which will be the same for all the sessions. We will send you the password to your email address that you gave in the registration form. After entering the password, you should see the Zoom session with its functions: 

During the presentation, please make sure that your microphone is off. We would also like to ask you, to turn your camera on. Nevertheless, if you have a bad internet connection, please keep your camera turned off. 

If you want to change your namethis is what you need to do: 

Go to “Teilnehmer”/”Participants”, to yourself (usually on top of the list), click “Mehr”/”More” and then “Umbennen”/”Rename”, enter your name and click “ok”.


If you have questions, you can write them in the chat or ask via microphone after the presentation. 

If you are the presenter, this is how to share your presentation: 

Click on the green button in the middle “Bildschirm freigeben”/ ”Share screen” and choose the tab you would like to share. Then press “Teilen”/”Share” to share your screen.



In case your internet connection or your computer is not working well, you can also log in to Zoom with your phone. There you need the Zoom app.

As for the presenters, if your internet connection is not working well or you need any technical assistance, but you cannot log in into Zoom, please write an E-Mail to the technical assistant (TA) of the session. You find the name of each session TA in the schedule and their email addresses in the program – p. 10 (emailed to all participants and in download area here on the website).

If you do have internet connection, but you struggle with Zoom, there is also a help desk at is explained here.