Digital tools


In the website, you will find the following:

  • Schedules with zoom links and session details,
  • Information about the sessions, key-note speaker and the 3MT,
  • Under downloads you find recorded sessions (password provided over email),
  • The content of the website will be available until March 2023.


Zoom is the platform hosting all types of sessions. 

  • Sessions are password protected, adding a degree of security (password provided over email),
  • We only record those presenters who agreed to this at registration. Recordings can be downloaded by conference participants in the password protected part of the website (password provided over email),
  • Finally, in case of technical issues, you can reach out via e-mail to the technical assistants (TA) who will be present in every zoom session (see their emails in PDF program).

An important part of the conference, the conversation and exchange between the sessions, is missing due to the pandemic restrictions. Therefore, we provide a mingling tool in our website! 

In you can freely move in a virtual foyer and interact with other participants. As soon as you get close to someone, a video chat will start. In marked areas, you can also talk privately with each other. Finally, there will be a virtual helpdesk, in case you have any technical issues or general questions.