Session 7.3 Illegal use of natural resources


Daniela Kleinschmit, Prof. for Forest and Environmental Policy, University of Freiburg, Germany

TA: Julia


  1. Lorraine Elliot
  2. Errol Meidinger
  3. Cathrin Zengerling
  4. Daniela Kleinschmit
  5. Robert John

In the absence of an overarching international or transnational legal framework, governance arrangements for addressing the cross border dimensions of the illegal use of forest resources are characterized by regime density and complexity that involves a growing number of actors across related but distinct institutional settings. This presentation introduces a research framework that draws on governance propositions about regime complexity and suggests ways forward to ‘map’ the ‘illegal use of forest resources’ regime complex. In doing so, it also identifies concerns about normative ambiguity that arises when the framing of both the problem of and solution/s to the illegal use of forest resources is informed by ideas, norms and practices that focus variously on biodiversity protection and conservation, sustainable development, trade and border protection, management of customs and excise, and criminal justice and law enforcement.


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